Tricks To Catch More Rainbow Trout

Trout fishing season is underway for the year in most areas and many anglers are interested in how they can have a successful day on the water when they head out in search of rainbow trout. Attempting to catch these beautiful fish certainly couldn’t be compared to brain surgery, but there are certain things that can be done to “tip the odds” into your favor when you head out fishing for rainbow trout and below I will list a few of these tricks so that you can catch more rainbow trout this finishing season.

Now you might be wondering where these “tricks” are coming and the answer would be from a person who has spent more than twenty years fishing for and catching rainbow trout in waterways from Pennsylvania to Alaska who currently resides in the heart of trout fishing country, Montana. I don’t point this out to brag, but rather to show that all of these tricks are born of real world trout fishing experience all across the United States.

So, let’s get down to business, shall we?


    1. Fish At The Best Time Of Day – Everyone knows that the morning and the evening are generally good times of the day to catch fish, but there are other factors such that come in to play to determine when fish are going to be biting. For example, are you familiar with the fact that the moon rise and the moon set are also good times of the day to fish and that the moon rise and set doesn’t necessarily correlate with the sun rise and set? Well you need to be aware of this fact, so if you want to catch more rainbow trout you need to familiarize yourself with the moon rise and set and try to plan your outings accordingly.


    1. Rig Your Bait Properly – Whether you are using live bait such as minnows, worms, or grubs or synthetic trout bait such as dough baits and the like if you truly want to catch more rainbow trout you always want to rig your bait in the most natural and realistic manner possible. This means using set ups and hooks that allow you to accomplish this task, rather than single shanked hooks like many “rookie” fishermen tend to use when they are fishing for rainbow trout. Raibow trout


  1. Try Not To Cause A Ruckus – What do I mean by not causing a ruckus? When we fish for rainbow trout (especially when we are fishing for “native” trout or in water that doesn’t receive heavy fishing pressure) we want to keep things as “normal” as possible because if the rainbow trout that you are attempting to catch notice that you they are much less apt to bite whatever it is you are using to try to catch them. This means doing things like wading mindfully, not wearing “loud” colors that will make you easily visible to the trout that you are fishing for, and freeing your hands of any unnatural human scents that might be present before touching the bait of lure that you intend to use. The bottom line is that you want to be as “invisible” as possible to the trout that you are fishing for while you are fishing for them.


These simple tricks have enabled me to catch more rainbow trout over the years and I am confident that they will do the same for you, so add one or all of them to your trout fishing arsenal today.


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