6 Growing Trends in Bahamas Tourism

1. Heritage Tourism – The Bahamas is a place that’s always been rich in history, and as time goes on you’ll find that more and more visitors are yearning to know more about the places that they are visiting and they want to know more about the people and what simply makes us Bahamian. Despite the various museums and monuments that is open to the public daily. One of our major challenges that we face is the maintenance of these properties year round and even during the off tourism season. Thankfully there are several solutions around this problem and one of them is by keeping the history alive through the people and its various programs like “People to People.” Through programs like this visitors now have a one on one interaction with persons who can give them a more accurate understanding of the life in the Bahamas and overall add value to Bahamas tourism.

2. Sustainable Tourism – After many years of petitioning and protecting wild life and the natural resources of the Bahamas, the Bahamas National Trust in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and the Harvard School of Design joined forces in order to design a sustainable tourism model for the island of Exuma’s Land and Sea Park. Some the oldest fossils can be found on the island as well as a number of endangered species of plants and animals located on the mainland and many on the surrounding Cays. The model is the first of its kind ever to be adopted in the Bahamas and anywhere in the Caribbean. My hope is that there will be more sustainable models such as this to soon follow on the other islands of the Bahamas (meaning a plus for Bahamas Tourism/eco tourism) and the Caribbean.

3. Adventure Tourism РThere is always action around you if you are willing to look and find it. From power sailing, jet skiing, to game fishing, yachting, sailing, off roading, camping, hiking and even cave diving. There is no shortage of adventure here in the Bahamas and its becoming more and more popular with young travelers and adventure enthusiast. Sentosa singapore 

4. Luxury Tourism – When you think of luxury it seems to be like a no brainier when resorts such as Atlantis and the One and Only Ocean Club come to mind. But in today’s luxury I think that it’s safe to say that its 1000% centered on the needs and amenities of our visitors and making sure that there every need and desire is met. And now for the first time in Bahamas tourism we have the Baha Mar Resort and Albany coming on stream showing no shortage in luxury tourism, but much more of a stronger competition than ever before. Mainly all of these resorts will offer generally the same thing. You can rent a vacation home or a suite during your stay, you can play golf even have your own private butler… the works. But what will be the driving factor of course will be the price and value of the service offered by each property.

5. Culinary Tourism – Of course whenever coming to an exotic country such as the Bahamas, one thinks about visiting the best restaurant in the country or within the resort and enjoying a good 5 star meal. But the latest trend in Bahamas tourism right now for many of our guest and guest around the world is to fully immerse themselves in the taste of the culture. From taking cooking lessons about the country’s cuisine with “Tru Bahamian Food Tours” or attending a food festival like “Devour the Beach” in Abaco. Where you’ll find that both events are hosted by top chefs on the island and give you a wonderful introduction of Bahamian cuisine.

6. Sports Tourism – Since the opening of our new Thomas A Robinson stadium, the government of the Bahamas is eager to show it off to the world which has now introduced a new type of niche within Bahamas tourism known as Sports Tourism. Over the years we have been privileged to train and send our best athletes to compete on the world stage, but now thanks to the partnership between the Bahamas and Chinese government. The Bahamas can now host some the greatest sporting events in the world like the IAAF Games that was held here earlier this year. We also had the privilege of hosting the Carifta Games earlier last year and the soccer tournament between Jamaica’s reggae boys and the Bahamas. Even though we are fairly new to this level of tourism it is another great addition to compliment our rich tourism package.


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